Beauty makes it unique and memorable.
Because in beauty we find practicality and personality.
This is our idea of communication.

Our work and research are beauty oriented.

Beauty includes aesthetics but there's more: beauty is that connection between nice and good,
that moment when order, harmony and proportion come together to fulfil our souls.

Beauty - pretty much like happiness and completeness - is perceived by senses,
conveys emotions and is enjoyed in an everlasting moment.

Why we do

Art is our distinguishing feature.

William Blake comes up with emotion-oriented solutions.

We love new challenges and questioning ourselves
to bring communication to the core of our job.

William Blake is customisation.

We develop swathe-cutting experiences to enhance our clients' brand identity,
brand experience and brand awareness.

Your project, our know-how, your identity.

What we do

Communicating a brand means knowing exactly where expectation meets promise.

Live Communication

William Blake loves bringing people together by providing live-experience communication services.

We create moments for sensory entertainment to improve our clients' brand engagement leaving consumers with memories they won't forget.

Let our services surprise you, come into William Blake's world.


ATL, BTL and Corporate Advertising campaigns.

William Blake provides a team of communication professionals with years of experience for large national and international companies.

Itinerant Tours

The purpose of our traveling tours is the promotion of a specific brand, product or company through recreational and sporting activities. We study a good communication and promotion strategy for the success of the event.


To leave a strong memory in the minds of the guests of the convention, it is necessary to develop ad hoc set-ups and choreographies, by coordinating the elements through a set of expertise that coexist within our reality.


We select new instruments and technologies to emotionally interact with your target thereby creating new forms of communication for tomorrow's clients.

Graphic Design

William Blake also provides Graphic design services, designing for our clients logotypes, posters, brochures, visual idendity, signage, web sites, typography, layout and product packaging.


A well-organised event inspires emotions. It's all about the environment, the sounds, the lighting and the interaction with the public. Offering tangible, tailored solutions means enhancing corporate identity.


Events featuring artists, performers and narrators capable of enhancing the whole experience while fascinating the public strengthen reputation and identity; also, they make the client's company memorable.


William Blake establishes a balance between place and works such that neither one has the upper hand. The exhibition itinerary aims to involve the visitor to make him live an experience designed ad hoc to fully understand the artist's thought.


The Festival is the perfect place to increase one's knowledge, to be fascinated by new discoveries, to receive the seed of curiosity, to experiment and touch the news that improve one's life.

Digital & Social

We use all the digital marketing instruments available to provide your brand with a clear role and make it authoritative online as well as capable of creating engagement.

We have worked for

British American Tobacco Bormioli Rocco Carrera Chiquita Dompé EXPO 2015 Fideuram GSK HOMI IMA Levissima Loewe Malnisio Science Festival Martini Mediolanum the MICAM Mondadori Nutella Poretti Ferrero Rocher Saeco Saipem SanPellegrino Siemens Smoov Spritz for Five Tagetik Timberland Manifattura Sigaro Toscano Villaverde Hotel & Resort Zuegg

Who we are

Alessandra Baldini

Managing Director

Alessandra has gained extensive experience over the past thirty years for a leading international brand such as Swatch, covering the roles related to the organization of events. Her keywords? Kindness, listening skills and organization. Today, she personally manages relationships with customers and her talents are planned for advertising campaigns that have made the difference. Alessandra directs William Blake, impersonating the mind and hands behind the work done. She collaborates with prestigious communication agencies, key element of the strength of William Blake.

Where we are


via Ciro Menotti, 2
20129 Milan Italy
T. +39 02 92861341
T. +39 02 92862484


Registered office
via Cartesio, 2
20124 Milan Italy

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