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Siemens. Connection Boat.

April 2019

On the 11th, 12th and 13th of April , a special venue, the Barcun de Milan - located in one of the most vital areas of the city – has been transformed into a center of technology, design and entertainment hosting the Siemens Connection Boat - the latest innovation from Siemens Elettrodomestici.

During these days, music, good food and technology met each others.

On Thursday 11th the experience on the Barcun has been reserved for a very restricted circle of guests; Siemens has presented and launched the new induction plan through a Show Cooking signed by the Chef Eugenio Boer – Siemens Brand Ambassador.

His dishes were accompanied by cocktails kindly offered for the occasion by the company Chin8Neri.

During the next days, from 20.00 to 23.30, the Connection Boat turned into a big silent disco with the Dj Andy Rosh who made the guests dance to the rhythm of music (obviously in special headphones).

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Siemens boat layout
Siemens Silent Disco
Siemens Eugenio Boer Chef Ambassador
Siemens layout
Siemens gadget
Siemens Connection Boat
Siemens Naviglio Milan
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