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HOMI 2017. HOMI Matters.

September 2017

HOMI is an innovative opportunity for lifestyle businesses. It's the great, brand-new project of Fiera Milano dedicated to well-being and lifestyle. Modern. Trendy. In line with market moods.

HOMI has dropped the concept of "exhibition of objects" to embrace the one of "creative exhibition" in which those same objects come to life. LIFESTYLE EXHIBITION

On last September's edition HOMI has offered a wide range of workshops intended for visitors to add some extra value to the exhibition. A number of workshops were held on a wide spectrum of topics from Friday 15th to Monday 18th September: a few leading Fashion and Jewels companies showed how to create appealing visuals and loyalise clients; HOMI Smart was about innovative technologies applied to design; HOMI Hybrid Lounge - located in the HOMI Materials Culture area - shed light on new identities and materials for interior design etc.

HOMI Living Habits
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Caterina Crepax' paper couture
Paper dresses
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HOMI Matters
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