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Levissima Aim Higher Lab. Territories and companies, growing together.

November 2017

In 2017 Levissima's Cepina Valdisotto bottling plant was renovated. The whole project has focused on listening to the voices of Levissima staff and community according to a work ethic oriented to meeting the needs of human resources and promoting communication between local and national stakeholders.

Aim Higher Lab is an actual workshop where local and national actors can share their projects and dialogue with a focus on ideas, experiences and individuals to create synergies allowing for an economic, social, tourist and environmental growth. This first edition has been curated by Levissima to focus on "territories and companies growing together". Unique territories need to be protected in order to grow in a green and inclusive fashion. Levissima has put forward a new, sharing-based way of doing business: the “sharing factory”, an industrial project designed after people and their territories thereby creating a shared value.

For Geometry Global

Aim Higher Lab installation
Aim Higher Lab roll-up display
Aim Higher Lab workshop room
Levissima Aim Higher Lab
Speech at Levissima Aim Higher Lab
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