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Levissima Everyday Climbers. Europe's highest photo exhibition.

October 2017

Levissima is a mineral water flowing wild and pure off high mountain sources, everyday quenching our thirst for life. Hence, the idea of addressing all those who have a pinnacle to achieve in life, an objective to pursue day by day, step by step: the "everyday climbers".

For the first time in history, Mont Blanc Giant's Glacier turned into a stage to host Europe's highest photo exhibition.
On 26th October, at sunset, the 10 finalist shots of #EVERYDAYCLIMBERS PHOTO CONTEST were projected onto the glacier. Talent and passion for the mountain were summed up in a photo.
The location represents all the values of the Everyday Climbers: determination, nature protection, great passion and personal objectives to be reached step by step without giving in to obstacles.

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Levissima Everyday Climbers Contest
Levissima Everyday Climbers Winner Interview
Levissima Everyday Climbers Interviews
Helbronner Peak - Monte Bianco
Projections on the Monte Bianco
Projections on the Monte Bianco
Projections on the Monte Bianco
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