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Malnisio Science Festival. Discover science in a fun way.


A 48 hour look onto the future to discover science in a fun way.
27 conferences, 26 speakers, 2 lectiones magistrales, science workshops for children and families, experiential spots with leading tech companies and a lot of music.
Speakers coming from universities, research institutes and the world of science outreach.
We have addressed the issues of Artificial Intelligence, its benefits and risks; jobs of the future; energy, food and climate change; human behaviours; the boundaries of science and related ethical issues; being a young female researcher; astronomy; how IT helps engineering; communicating science and much more.
A learning experience to stimulate body, mind and soul.

The Turbin Room at the Pitter Power Plant
Our Staff Members
The weekend programme
The Pitter power plant at Malnisio - exterior shot
The Pitter power plant at Malnisio
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