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Spritz for Five. Music.

2013 - 2015

Spotting talent and nurturing it. That's what William Blake did to promote Italian vocal band Spritz For Five who participated in X-Factor Italy's 8th edition. Our team managed the band's communication and built the band's image.

Brand creation and management, logo, website, social media and content creation are just a few of the aspects developed by William Blake to contribute to the band's success.

Spritz for Five was founded in 2013 by Marco, Piero and Rocco; Nicola and Giulio joined at a later stage.

William Blake spotted the guys' talent and decided to stake on their personalities and authenticity.

X-Factor was a great experience for the band and resulted in the release of two EPs which immediately caught media attention.

logo Spritz for five
live singers performance
five singers
live singers performance
singers' interview photo
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